Explains How to Submit a Medical Application for Med School in 2021

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Every American is handling the novel coronavirus pandemic in a different way. According to, one surprising trend has already emerged. Med Schools Are Seeing A Surge Of Applications. It’s Called The ‘Fauci Effect’ and it could bode well for the future of medicine.

Application Rates Are Up

Application rates to medical schools are up, and that’s a good thing for the American public. Many undergrads who have seen the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having in their communities want to gain the knowledge required to help the next time something like this comes up. Some are inspired by doctors in their families or news stories detailing the heroism of local medical care providers, while others have planned to attend medical school for years and only now have the time.

What High Application Rates Mean for Applicants

For those determined to gain the knowledge and experience they need to combat the next major pandemic, high application rates can also be a burden. The nation’s medical schools already accepted less than 7% of applicants in 2019. More undergrads and recent graduates applying to medical schools mean those acceptance rates will drop even lower (click for source).

How to Handle Increased Competition

Strong candidates should have little to worry about. Medical schools are reviewing the same qualifications they always have, and promising applicants should have no trouble getting interviews. In some places, they may need to conduct those interviews via Zoom or other socially distanced platforms, so be prepared for that possibility. Many weaker candidates are also hedging their bets by submitting more applications than they would in a normal year.

What COVID Means for Current Med Students

Current med school students should have no trouble finding promising career opportunities with health networks such as IEHP once they graduate and complete their residencies. That doesn’t just apply to future experts in infectious disease. America needs all the help it can get right now from a diverse array of general practitioners and specialists. It will take time for the nation to heal.

Should Aspiring Applicants Postpone Their Med School Applications?

There is nothing wrong with taking a gap year. However, there’s also no need for those excited to get started on the next step in advancing their education to put off applying to medical schools. It may take a little longer than usual to hear back from overworked admissions staff, but schools across the country are going forward with the admissions process. Those frightened off by the prospect of a more competitive landscape should know that the trend is unlikely to reverse within the next several years.

Final Thoughts

The recent rise in med school applications speaks wonderfully of the American people and especially American youth. While some are growing weary due to pandemic fatigue, these inspirational students are fighting back. It’s that spirit that helps America and its people continue to learn, grow, and thrive, even in dark times, and it’s that spirit that will help the country’s many diverse communities come through those dark times together.

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