As fitness equipment prices skyrocket during the pandemic, Ntaifitness offers affordable gym equipment

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As fitness equipment prices skyrocket during the pandemic, Ntaifitness offers affordable gym equipment

The pandemic of 2020 has hit hard by collapsing many industries and damaging economies of many countries around the globe. Like everything else, gym equipment and services prices have also boosted this year. This hike in gym equipment prices is due to several factors including an increase in air transportation costs, shortage of freight containers, social factors and many other issues. To cope up with this time, Ntaifitness offers gym equipment at lowered prices to help gyms continue operating.

Dezhou, Shandong, China – Health is the most valuable asset a person has, especially in the times of ongoing pandemic, everyone should focus on their health, wellness and fitness. The pandemic has rendered many gyms vacant, those which are still operating struggle to keep up with demand due to an increase in equipment prices. The main goal of Ntaifitness is to help such gyms by providing them with gym equipment at low and affordable prices. Ntaifitness gym equipment is durable, robust and custom-made for each client to match their needs and helps gyms to reduce their operational costs.

Many people have stopped going to the gyms because of the pandemic and many gyms are also unable to provide the necessary equipment to their members. Gym equipment has gotten costly this year, even on Black Friday sales, people were amazed to see that there weren’t many discounts on the gym and fitness equipment including dumbbells. Kettlebells, strength equipment, treadmills and other such equipment for the gyms. This hike in prices is because most of this equipment is manufactured in China, and China is affected in this regard by several factors.

Logistics channels cannot be satisfied, including air transportation, maritime transport, freight containers and many other ways of logistics. The increase in air transportation has immensely affected the overall prices of gym equipment. This increase is because of the limited size of transportation capacity imposed by various organizations. Air transportation has also been affected because many of the Chinese airlines among airlines of other countries were suspended for several weeks. The lack of containers is another reason why the prices have gotten extremely high.

Under the influence of the pandemic, the prices of raw materials have also increased to a much greater extent, thus affecting the total prices of gym equipment. The raw material used to make the equipment is also facing a shortage. Due to many issues, it is unable to meet the demand and hence the production rates have also been dropped.

Despite this global issue of price inflation in gym equipment, Ntaifitness strives to provide gyms all over the world with world-class gym equipment at affordable prices. Even among the pandemic, the teams at Ntaifitness work hard to exceed the customer expectations and to deliver what they need at a suitable price point.

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