DeWaard & Bode Has a Wide Variety of Mattresses For Everyone

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DeWaard & Bode Has a Wide Variety of Mattresses For Everyone

DeWaard & Bode Has a Wide Variety of Mattresses For Everyone

A mattress can mean the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and being exhausted the next day. Over time, mattresses can wear out and lose their support. The following is a look at the different types and sizes of mattresses available at DeWaard & Bode in Bellingham, WA.

Different Types of Mattress Tops Available

Mattresses are no longer considered a one size fits all item. There are many different types and styles of mattresses available from Dewaard & Bode, so that there is a perfect mattress for everyone. Styles available include:

  • Pillow top mattresses 

  • Euro top mattresses

  • Tight top mattresses 

A pillow top mattress is a mattress with a fluffy layer on top that resembles a layer of pillows. This mattress style is great for people who want to feel like they’re sleeping on a soft cloud. See the pillow top styles available at

A tight top mattress has a layer of padding on top of the mattress, but it doesn’t look as fluffy as the pillow top style. The surface top is tight and resembles a thick yet flat layer of fabric. A tight top comes in both firm and plush versions.

A Euro top mattress is flat on the top, and is probably what most people picture in their mind when they think of a traditional mattress. The mattress looks like one solid piece and has a flat top. There is not a flat or fluffy area on the top like there is with a Euro or pillow top mattress. This style is great for people who have back issues.

Different Sizes of Mattresses

Many people are under the impression that mattresses only come in twin, full, queen, and king. In reality, there are many more sizes of mattresses available. Mattress sizes include:

  • Twin

  • Twin XL

  • Full

  • Full XL

  • Queen

  • Split queen

  • King

  • Split king

  • California King

  • Split California King

  • Divided King

A good example of the differences in mattress size can be seen between the traditional twin mattress and the twin XL size. A twin-sized mattress is seventy-five inches in length, while a twin XL is eighty inches in length. The width for both sizes is thirty-eight inches.

When To Buy a New Mattress

How often should a person change or replace their mattress? While it is suggested that a mattress be flipped or rotated every few months, a mattress should be completely replaced after seven to ten years. Signs that it is time to retire an old mattress include sagging, rips, tears, visual wear, waking up with back pain, or not getting a good night’s sleep on the current mattress.

Not sure which mattress size and which style is needed? Visit to locate the nearest Washington store. In the store, a person can view the different sizes of mattresses available, try out different top styles, and ask the staff mattress questions. 

Dewaard & Bode is an appliance and mattress company located in the state of Washington. This company offers customer assistance with mattress selection, appliances, barbecue grills, furniture, and more. They also offer delivery services, and deliver to an estimated one hundred and fifty homes a day.

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