KOCOSTAR launches innovative T1 Collagen Cream mask that assures 24 hours of radiance

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KOCOSTAR launches innovative T1 Collagen Cream mask that assures 24 hours of radiance

KOCOSTAR Collagen Cream introduces a revolutionary collagen cream that guarantees most effective absorption of T1 collagen and natural radiant glow round the clock but without adverse reaction.

Torrance, CA – February 10, 2021 – KOCOSTAR is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new KOCOSTAR Collagen Cream (T1 Collagen) this  month. The latest product is a breakthrough mask that ensures 24/7 radiance without irritation or negative side-effects. Developed by dermatologists, the new Collagen Cream utilizes TDS (Transdermal Delivery System) as well as ODT (Occlusive Dressing Technique) for the most effective absorption of the cream into the skin.

The KOCOSTAR Collagen Cream uses Type 1 Collagen, the most important collagen among the 28 collagen found in adult skin. The T1 collagen facilitates structuring and rebuilding of skin tissues. On application, the new collagen cream creates nano-sized water membrane that results in effective dermal delivery of low-molecular collagen. The membrane gathers the collagen and enables them to get through the epidermal layer. Additionally, there are two other major natural ingredients in the cream- alginic acid and chitosan- which creates a firm barrier to scale up the rate of collagen absorption into the skin.

“We are excited to bring to you our brand new KOCOSTAR Collagen Cream (T1 Collagen) this month. You have a unique mask here which creates a clear film, enabling you to apply the mask anytime, at any preferred area. It’s designed to use advanced TDS and ODT techniques to ensure optimum delivery of collagen and other active ingredients deep into the epidermal layer of the skin”, stated the leading spokesperson from KOCOSTAR.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, the new T1 Collagen cream has passed rigorous clinical testing standards with flying colors. In a study conducted with 22 women (30 to 60 years of age), it was witnessed that skin gloss enhanced by 36.53 percent immediately after applying the cream than what they used to have before. After 24 hours of a single application, the increased glow percentage noted was 29.66 percent which proved the KOCOSTAR T1 Collagen Cream can render a long 24-hours of lasting radiance on skin. Besides, the clinical test did not find any report of adverse effect after the application of the cream. 

“Collagen cream might not be a new concept in the contemporary beauty industry and you will see many brands coming up with collagen creams. But, the regular collagen creams found in the market today are mostly made of synthetic resins which often leave users with irritation and skin damage. But, our product is fundamentally different. We have only used natural ingredients here that will reward with a healthy radiant glow yet without any negative side-effects.”

Another factor that makes the KOCOSTAR collagen cream different is its use of hydrolyzed collagen. Regular collagen molecule is too big for the dermal layer to absorb. But the hydrolysed version comes with reduced size which makes it easier for the skin to absorb. And, coupled with the utilization of TDS and ODT techniques, the KOCOSTAR cream guarantees best possible absorption of collagen into the dermal layer.

For more information, please visit https://kocostarusa.com/products/collagen-cream-t1-collagen

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