Katie Chonacas “Renaissance Woman Kyriaki” Dominates With Nicky Scorpio of The Sophisticated Psychos and Publishes “A Lover’s Fairytale” Poetry Book

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Katie Chonacas “Renaissance Woman Kyriaki” Dominates With Nicky Scorpio of The Sophisticated Psychos and Publishes “A Lover’s Fairytale” Poetry Book

Katie Chonacas "Renaissance Woman Kyriaki" Dominates With Nicky Scorpio of The Sophisticated Psychos and Publishes "A Lover’s Fairytale" Poetry Book

The rising stars emerging from the performing arts and media spotlight are Katie Chonacas and Nicky Scorpio, who are multi-talented artists who have managed to champion every artistic field they have pursued. 

Katie Chonacas, popularly known as “the Renaissance Woman Kyriaki,” who is a writer, on-screen actress, professional voiceover actress, podcast host (She’s All Over the Place Podcast), and producer/singer with the duo The Sophisticated Psychos. Over the years, she has built her brand with pure talent, relentless hard work, and determination. She believes that every person has a greater purpose in life, and she has been pursuing her path to success through various artistic roads. 

Today, she has reached another milestone as she releases A Lover’s Fairytale, a powerful poetry book created to inspire others to move forward in life. Katie Chonacas is the first NFT artist to have released a poem on love coupled with the original Polaroid artwork by the legendary artist Robert Sturman. Her first poetry book, A Lover’s Fairytale, was released on World Poetry Day and gained significant traction online and offline. The book can be picked up on Amazon. 

The Sophisticated Psychos release videos every week on their official Youtube channel. Their eight-part web series Couples Therapy Season 1 is available on YouTube today, while season 2 will launch on April 20th. This coming week, the channel is premiering  #SELFIE a six-part comedy web series.

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More than their commitment to producing music, the iconic pair also advocates for mental health and culture. “We are devoted to the arts, craft with ethics, morals, and values,” says Katie Chonacas and Nicky Scorpio. Nicky Scorpio explains that The Sophisticated Psychos goal is to become the voice for the voiceless, be part of the ripple effect, and inspire others to do the same. You can tune in to Nicky’s Scorpio’s podcast titled Scorpio Rising  on all podcast streaming platforms, Scorpio Rising Podcast focuses on mental health and well being. 

Chonacas has a magical way of connecting and engaging with viewers and listeners, making her a one-of-a-kind performing artist.  She is known for being in several famous television series such as CBS’s CSI: NY, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order: SVU, Cold Case, to name a few. She has worked alongside famous stars such as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Nicolas Cage, Morgan Freeman, Jessica Simpson, Antonio Banderas, and so many more. Also, through her voiceover projects, such as Soup from Minecraft’s Story Mode Season 2 and playing Georgia in Nancy Drew Codes and Clues, or her podcast She’s All Over the Place, Kyriaki manages to bring life to every line she delivers and every topic she discusses. 

Lastly, check out The Sophisticated Psychos Radio Show and Nicky Scorpio’s beats on The Sophisticated Psychos Soundcloud.

artwork by Robert Sturman


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