Picavi Changing Logistics with Digital Twin

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Picavi Changing Logistics with Digital Twin

Picavi Changing Logistics with Digital Twin

Picavi pick-by-vision specialists are creating a human digital twin to perfect support for warehouse staff. No longer are manufacturers mutually exclusive from logistics. Finished goods have to go somewhere, whether to the end-user (direct to consumer, D2C) or to a warehouse, distribution center, or third-party logistics (3PL) facility. Digital twin technology in logistics is constantly and rapidly growing. Read more here

When using digital twins for testing process changes, human workers are a variable for which the technology cannot account. Until recently it was difficult to incorporate the specific activities and movements in the warehouse. Pick-by-vision changed this by implementing the human digital twin. It maps a warehouse worker going about day-to-day tasks which are reflected in the human digital twin from transport routes and times to movements and scans. 

These data are combined with the important operating parameters, especially tiny details which help identify areas for improvement, such as WLAN coverage or warehouse resources. This highly accurate virtual representation of the worker is continuously improved and updated. This is lean manufacturing in logistics. 

The human aspect of process analysis has been neglected in many businesses throughout logistics and manufacturing industries. Although concerns about data privacy are often given as a rationale for hesitancy, the true cause runs deeper. Collecting the data necessary for the human digital twin was next to impossible prior to pick-by-vision. With the right technology accessing these data it is now quite easy to model human behavior. 

Pick-by-vision unlocks the data that arises in the logistics process with business intelligence solutions. Integrated analytics create a central point for collecting, aggregating, and visualizing all the important information. These data are collected by the sensors integrated in the pick-by-vision smart glasses and are continuously updated.  Users can instantly see which process steps harbor potential for time and cost savings. 

About Picavi USA

Picavi USA Pick-by-Vision solution makes it possible to visually manage the picking process for goods in intralogistics in a consistent manner. The use of this innovation maximizes productivity at warehouses and minimizes error rates. When wearing the smart glasses, warehouse workers have both hands free for their primary tasks, including picking and packing goods. Smart glasses are one of the most significant developments in order picking during the COVID-19 situation. Augmenting reality with context-based information makes work much more precise and the glasses have become an indispensable part of warehouse life during the pandemic.

Picavi USA, based in Illinois, is a subsidiary of Picavi, headquartered in Germany. Safety is the company’s top priority. Call (312) 585-8312 to learn more about Picavi USA Pick-by-Vision.

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