Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management Announces Funding Against Restricted Hong Kong Securities

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Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management Announces Funding Against Restricted Hong Kong Securities

Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management announces funding for Initial Public Offering stock. Hong Kong outperformed most other markets in Asia in 2020, surpassing the amount of funds raised in 2019, this amount raised as much as 26% from USD $40 Billion in 2019 to a high of USD $51 Billion in the year 2020.

Cornelius Vanderbilt makes this advancement on the Hong Kong Exchange, which was listed as second globally, to the leading NASDAQ in terms of Initial Public offerings. With our bold offering, we plan to help finance USD $1 Billion in restricted and unrestricted shares in 2021. Despite the significant effect of the Coronavirus worldwide in the year 2020, Hong Kong Stock Exchange had 154 new listings in the year 2020 than in the year 2019, where 164 IPO’s listed. This represents a 12% drop in the number of new listings but a 26% increase in total funds raised.

Executive Vice President Susan Liew says, “During Covid19 pandemic, HK and it’s economy have experienced turbulence. However, we believed HK financial sector still remain strong as one of the biggest beneficiaries and the free flow of capital has made the territory attractive to investors. We are pleased to announce we could lend against HK restricted IPO shares to contribute HK’s GDP which stood at 20%, according to Sept 2020 Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI 28).”

Head of Global Sales Jack Thorne says, “We have been receiving an increase in applications for funding for IPO stocks in the last year, gladly, we have been working hard to make this a reality for our loyal clientele, as of this day, the 8th of April, we can take restricted stocks following certain guidelines, deals can be funded in as little as two weeks. With the same low rates and high LTV ratio, we expect a great deal of interest in our new program.”

Mortimer Amadeus Lindemann, MBA “As Jack mentioned, we have substantial increase in inquires for this service. We have been working hard to bring this to fruition for our clients. I am pleased to say that we can now accept restricted stocks. This is exciting to the team’s dedication and perseverance.”

Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management commits to lending to restricted securities that carry issuer or regulatory restrictions; however, any stocks with CCASS restrictions cannot accept.

The Cornelius Vanderbilt management and advisory team leads a talented group of bankers, wealth managers, and consultants to provide the best-of-class services to individuals and institutional clientele across five continents. Our core suite of investment and merchant banking services will develop novel methods to scale your current capital needs through mobilization and to focus on your long-term security and growth. Our corporate values give you unique opportunities, complete transparency in making decisions, autonomy, and global management to oversee the expansion of your capital base. These services and our business solutions will secure the financial needs of future generations, while allowing you to focus on current needs and demands.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management is a premier provider of wealth management and multi-faceted Merger and Acquisition services in all aspects of debt and equity financing, restructuring, valuation, and strategic consulting. We are extending our rewards program to our Business Development Manager’s. We welcome you with the opportunity to provide your clients bespoke liquidity solutions with our stock loan rewards program. You can earn a commission within 14 days of your client’s initial application as well as earn extra bonuses for the referral.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management focuses on lending against publicly traded securities throughout the world. Our expansion into Asia has exceeded our goals and we continue to be the driving force in the loans backed by publicly traded securities arena, commonly known as “stock loans”. We serve many markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and China B shares trading on the Hong Kong exchange. Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management is a leader is stock loan solutions and capital liquidity.

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