Modern Sense Furniture Recommends 4 Furniture Pieces For Home Offices

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Modern Sense Furniture Recommends 4 Furniture Pieces For Home Offices

Modern Sense Furniture Recommends 4 Furniture Pieces For Home Offices

With working from home having become much more common in the past year, many people are creating their own home offices. When it comes to having a home office, it is important to have comfortable, effective, and quality furniture pieces. Choosing the right high end furniture for a home office can be tricky, which is why Modern Sense Furniture has recommended 4 furniture pieces for home offices. Modern Sense Furniture is a modern furniture Toronto store that offers all kinds of modern furniture for different rooms in the home.

Modern Sense Furniture recommends that people who are furnishing a home office should be sure to purchase a quality office desk, office chair, file cabinet, and bookcase. All productive home offices should include these 4 pieces of furniture.

Office Desk

Any functional home office should have a quality desk. The desk should be sturdy, big enough for the person’s work needs, and shaped accordingly for the room it is being placed in. Modern Sense Furniture recommends the Otello Desk. The Otello collection can be configured in many different ways, allowing the office space to be set up to each individual’s needs.

Office Chair

A quality office chair is needed in any office. The most important aspect when choosing an office chair is how comfortable and supportive it is. Most people sit at their desks for hours at a time while working, so it is imperative that office chairs provide functionality, support, and comfort. The office chair recommended by Modern Sense Furniture is the Stressless Tokyo High Back Office Chair. This office chair has a slim back with a comfortable and soft padded cushion, which provides both comfort and a sleek modern look for the office.

File Cabinet

As any usual office has, home offices also need a quality filing cabinet. The filing cabinet is where people keep the most important files, documents, and information. When styling a functional home office it should also be aesthetically pleasing, and that is why Modern Sense Furniture offers stylish file cabinets. The Centro File Cabinet is both functional and stylish, making it the perfect and ideal option for a home office. This cabinet has a micro-etched glass top that extends the work space while providing secure storage in two locking supply drawers and a file drawer for hanging letter or legal file folders.


Having a bookcase in the home office can also be important. Depending on a person’s occupation, a bookcase might be more or less useful for them specifically, however it is still generally an ideal piece of furniture to have in a home office. It can be used to hold important documents, binders, books, and other objects. They can also be used to place decorative items on to add visual appeal to the work space. Recommended by Modern Sense Furniture, the Eileen Shelf is a perfect option. Simple, stylish, and ideally sized, this bookcase can be used to hold anything a person might need in their office space. 

When designing and furnishing a home office, remember these 4 furniture pieces from Modern Sense Furniture. This Canadian furniture store Toronto provides beautiful and  modern pieces for all rooms and needs.

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