Personalized GIFs for Instagram to become a reality soon, free trial available

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Personalized GIFs for Instagram to become a reality soon, free trial available

MyInstaGif has introduced the innovative service of creating personalized GIFs and stickers for Instagram users.

San Diego, California – June 02, 2021 – How about a customized GIF for your brand profile on Instagram just like the popular celebrity GIFs like Kim Kardashian GIF or Tom Hanks sticker? Sounds too cool to be true, right? Well, here comes great news, a  new tech startup, MyInstaGif, has launched the innovative personalized GIF and sticker service for Instagram users which will allow the general users too to have  a customized GIF and sticker exactly like that of celebrity GIFs on social media.

MyInstaGif has dawned in a truly game-changing moment in the contemporary social media scene as it was not feasible for general Instagram users to insert their personalized GIFs in Instagram feeds or Stories, until now. The company had a mini launch in May 2021 and is currently offering a 1 week FREE TRIAL for a limited time.

MyInstaGif will have its Big Launch on June 15th, 2021.

“Personalization is the key when you are aiming to make an impression in the fiercely competitive social media scene today. Isn’t it true that we all had wished for personalized GIFs instead of generic ones available on Instagram just like the celebrity GIFs? GIFs and stickers play a crucial role in grabbing attention to your Instagram posts and Stories but they have never allowed the facility of customization in tune with the signature vibes of your brand or profile. However, things are to change now and for better- and this is where we come in”, stated Cezanne and Miro Mazur, the founders of MyInstaGif.

“We have launched a unique personalized GIF and sticker service for Instagram users to help them have their own GIF and stickers, tailored as per the specific nuances of their brand or Instagram profile. It’s like having your own signature on Instagram that will enable you to enhance brand awareness big time. Soon, your fans will love to use this attractive feature which would boost your profile/page engagement, improve your exposure and eventually help you to stand outta the crowd. We are also running a free trial offer now for a limited period and we welcome you to check out this amazing opportunity without investing your hard-earned money in the first place.” 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to create personalized GIFs with MyInstaGif.

  • Shoot a 5-10 self video (Details on camera settings for shooting available on MyInstaGif website)
  • Choose a suitable package and upload the video on MyInstaGif Platform
  • The personalized GIFs will be ready in just 24 hours 

Personalized GIFs created by MyInstaGif will be searchable by all on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

“You can give us up to 5 ‘search terms’ per video/GIF and we will make sure not just you but anyone on social media is able to find your personalized GIF. We are backed by a team of highly skilled and dynamic designers who ensure the coolest of GIFs, tailored just as per your specifications. GIFs created by us will be searchable on almost all social media platforms.” 

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