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Men often struggle to put together a well-dressed look. Thanks to the internet, they no longer have to spend hours putting together an outfit they love and others admire. Rank & Style provides helpful information that any man will benefit from when dressing every day. Keep the following tips in mind when browsing this site, and will find one can put together any outfit in minutes regardless of the occasion. 

A Well-Worn Look

Distressed jeans provide a lived-in look that men and women love. Don’t rush to the store and purchase distressed jeans, however. Pull that well-loved pair out of the closet and match them with a trendy shirt. Head over and browse around this site to see which jeans will allow one to have a distressed look in the clothes already owned. Achieving this style is easier than many men believe, as they already have everything they need at home. 

Colors and Patterns

Many male animals use bright colors or dazzling patterns to attract their mate. However, this doesn’t mean human males need to follow their lead. Too many colors in one outfit serve as a big fashion mistake countless men make. The mixture of colors overwhelms the eyes and draws the wrong kind of attention. Men need to pick two solid colors and two patterns at most when putting together an outfit. Doing so provides the ideal balance between plain and eye-catching while allowing others to appreciate the outfit. 

Wear the Suit Jacket

Men often leave the suit jacket at home on the weekend. They wear it throughout the week and want to leave it behind when they are away from work. According to, however, an unstructured blazer adds to any outfit. Choose one in a versatile fabric that can be dressed up or down depending on what it is worn with. Men often pick one with a touch of color or texture to make this look their own. 

The Nose Knows

A person’s initial attraction to a male is often based on his smell rather than his looks. When a person perceives a pleasant smell, their evaluation of that person improves. As a result, they are more likely to overlook superficial flaws. A smell can change the way a person interprets their emotions. Natural smells may improve a person’s emotional functioning, and it is believed this may be due to the way humans found food in a hunter-gatherer-based society. Artificial smells don’t provide this same response in humans. 

Additional Help

Check out the 10 CLOTHING BRANDS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW IN 2021 FOR MEN’S FASHION, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when purchasing new clothing. Some men struggle to know what looks good on them, and a personal shopper or professional stylist becomes of great help in this situation. They help men and women choose clothing that flatters their coloring and body type. In addition, they know which outfits are best for different occasions, as what a man wears to work probably won’t be appropriate for a day at the ballpark. They help men match the outfit to the occasion for a great look every time. 

Use these tips today and see how easy it is to put together any outfit with ease. Whether one is dressing up for a night on the town or throwing on casual clothes for an evening at home with a significant other, one can look amazing. It’s all a matter of knowing which clothes to wear for each situation. 

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