Who is Abed Al Karim Fawaz, a story of Lebanese business man

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Who is Abed Al Karim Fawaz, a story of Lebanese business man

Who is Abed Al Karim Fawaz, a story of Lebanese business man

Abed Al Karim Fawaz
Abed Al Karim Fawaz, the youngest and most successful businessman in the Middle East

Regardless of his young age, Abed Al Karim Fawaz succeeded in being a pioneer of the entrepreneurs. Nothing hindered his ambition in flourishing his business in and outside the Middle East. Starting from his small business office, he ended up having his own four business companies with several branches over the world.

“Never too young to build your kingdom, it only needs one’s courage…” Al Fawaz’s saying simply hints out the secret behind being one of the most successful and well-known businessmen in and outside the Middle East. Despite his young age, Al Fawaz opened his first trading office in China, Yiwo, after graduating from Beirut Arab University in 2009. Then he decided to come back to his mother land(Lebanon) where he initiated his small business office World of Arts 7 years ago which then expanded rapidly after two years when the total number of its branches in Lebanon turned to be four. To help customers choose a very special gift in a very high quality and fast speed, World of Arts then found a website to sell their items abroad.

World of Arts countless accomplishments ended up by opening its branches in Ghana, Cyprus and Canada recently. By Abed Fawaz’s ambitious and hardworking, World of Arts then became a top and major company for printing gadgets, gifts and clothing in Lebanon, one of the most famous and well-known ones in the Middle East and the utmost one in Africa. Not only did Abed Al Karim Fawaz succeeded in his business but also joined French organizations where he was ranked the best entrepreneur for startups.

Recently, he owns World of Decoration (with its two branches in Lebanon and Ghana) one of the most advanced companies specialized for decorations. And never to miss up the very well-known one World of Business, a social media company managed by Al Fawaz and two other experts. World of Business is specialized for celebrities’ social media management, besides it offers social media (Facebook, Instagram and snapchat ads) services, digital marketing services, website developing and payment gateways all over the Arab world.

Briefly, Abed Al Karim Fawaz is not only one of the most recognized names in the world of business nowadays but also he is one of the youngest, successful and ambitious businessmen known in the Middle East.

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