The Jousi Supremacy Pre-sale Launch

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The Jousi Supremacy Pre-sale Launch

Affordable luxury watches for men that are going places.

The Affordable luxury watch sector for men has become somewhat of a behemoth as many people choose to skip the big names for a smaller and cheaper alternative that looks just as good to the 99%.

Jousi is the second company from the entrepreneurial Alex who already has a company distributing other people’s products from Australia into retail outlets around the UK. He plans to move this into Europe as of 2022 but Jousi was a way of him creating a brand and company truly of his own and that shows in the way he treats his customers, Employee’s and ultimately the quality of his products.

Jousi are a exciting new player in this field & Sector in which they have come storming out of the gates. With a vision for giving power to the “Jousi Family” which Alex often calls his customers. Every watch comes adorned with a quote of empowerment to keep his family smiling and focussed every time they reach down for their timepiece. This theme of power runs through all the watches with the former to the “Supremacy” release being entitled “Eminence.”

The Supremacy collection starts in 2 colours Regal Blue and Emerald Green with another 3 colours looking to be added at a later date. The Supremacy collection is retailing at an astonishing $98.71 for the pre-sale event starting on June the 9th!

This company is truly an exciting one and Alex is incredibly excited to show the world what can be created with a true passion for it.

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