Hagar Gamal Hassan: An Emerging Egyptian Beauty is Disrupting the Fashion Industry with Her Stunning Looks & Glamorous Personality

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Hagar Gamal Hassan: An Emerging Egyptian Beauty is Disrupting the Fashion Industry with Her Stunning Looks & Glamorous Personality


June 4, 2021 – Globally renowned Egyptian fashion model and digital creator, Hagar Hassan has proudly announced that she will continue to travel to many major destinations around the world for her upcoming photoshoots. Hagar Gamal Hassan is an emerging artist, who has traveled to many destinations for her shoots, and she loves to pose for some of the most iconic brands in fashion. Recently, she posed for the legendary photographer Mitchell Phun for a shoot of SNIDEL, a New York-based American fashion brand. Besides that, she loves to create digital content and enjoys a growing fan following on Instagram.

“I love fashion and style, and I like to blend in with the brand and the article that I am wearing during any photoshoot with any photographer.” Said Hagar Gamal Hassan, while talking about her style of modeling. “I have had the privilege and honor to work for some of the finest names in the world of photography, and I have worn some of the best brands in the modern fashion industry.” She added. The model has also recently traveled to New York, Germany, Barcelona, and several other destinations in Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In addition, the Egyptian modest fashion model and digital creator joined Instagram in March 2020. Within one year, she has created a major buzz and the number of her fans are growing worldwide. In the captions of the photos she shares with her growing number of fans from around the world, she is very expressive and puts her thoughts into words. However, the artist believes that fashion is the true language for real self-expression, and she is never shy of using her fashion as a way to express herself during her shoots. Her amazing figure and deep eyes make her the perfect cover girl for any magazine, and many fashion maestros are predicting her to have a great future in the industry.

“I want to take this moment and especially thank everyone, who has supported me in these early stages of my career,” said Hagar Gamal Hassan, while expressing her gratitude to those, who supported her. “I particularly want to thank all the brands, who picked me as their brand’s face and enabled me to represent their products as a model.” She added. The artist also thanked everyone who collaborated with her and all the photographers, who worked with her from all around the world. Furthermore, the artist also thanked all her fans for supporting her and appreciating her work, particularly on her social media presence.

To watch her latest shoot for SNIDEL, please click the link below: www.snidel.us/pages/lookbook-ss2nd-us-ver

Or follow the artist on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/hajergamal__/

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