Kel Reed at Measure Backwards Shares What to Look for in a Certified Fitness Coach

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Kel Reed at Measure Backwards Shares What to Look for in a Certified Fitness Coach

Kel Reed has listed characteristics certified and ethical fitness coaches demonstrate to help make the process of finding a high quality coach easier.

Kel Reed over at Measure Backwards has listed out some characteristics that certified and ethical fitness coaches demonstrate for potential clients to look for when partnering with a new coach. 

“I really hope that this article can help people find the right fitness coach, one who will safely help them accomplish their fitness goals” said Kel, coach and owner of Measure Backwards, “I created this list to help people recognize a good coach from a bad one because there are so many of both out there.”

The Measure Backwards team understands every client is unique. However, the Measure Backwards team has put together a list of qualities that every client should expect from their fitness coach:

• A coach should start with a discovery meeting to understand the needs of the client.
• A coach should operate within the scope of their certifications and refer potential clients to more qualified professionals when appropriate.
• A coach should provide a clear coaching agreement prior to any sessions.
• A coach should stay up to date on the latest health and fitness research and understand its practical applications.
• A coach should maintain confidentiality in all client information.
• A coach should provide safe programming and instruction.

“There is a lot of bad information being marketed out there, especially from fitness influencers,” Kel continues, “it’s important to understand what works for one person is not guaranteed to be safe, sustainable, or effective for another person”.

Biggest Risks to Avoid When Selecting a Coach

When asked what the most common risks she sees in coaching, Kel says, “well, usually there are two things I see almost daily. The first is that there are fitness influencers selling programs who are not even coaches at all. Many fitness influencers sell workout programs or challenges that our team would simply will not approve. Some of these programs could even be unsafe and unsustainable for people. The second is seeing diet recommendations being broadly marketed. Anyone who has experience in nutrition knows that everybody has different bodies, health histories, nutrition goals, and metabolisms. Here at Measure Backwards, we have to understand our potential clients before we can even begin customizing or recommending anything”.

Make Sure Due Diligence is Done Before Selecting a Coach

It may be easy to quickly pay for a program from a fitness influencer that looks qualified, however it shouldn’t be that easy.  Before deciding to work with a certified coach, it’s important to gain a clear understanding of not only the type of services that will be provided, but also the coach’s background and ethics. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is not strictly regulated and there are a lot of coaches out there who lack the proper credentials and expertise. To avoid working with an unqualified coach, do research and even schedule a consultation call to ask questions that will help make an informed decision.


For anyone who wants to hire a certified fitness, nutrition, or health and wellness coach, Measure Backwards can be a great partner. Along with holding active certifications, Kel and the Measure Backwards team strive to be professional and ethical as they provide safe and sustainable support throughout their client’s fitness journey.

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