Seener was established in a depressed market environment, is the development affected?

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Seener was established in a depressed market environment, is the development affected?

The Fed will hold a new monetary policy meeting from September 20 to 21, and the market generally expects the Fed to raise interest rates for the third time in a row by 0.75 percentage points to combat high inflation. Colleagues BTC fell below $19,000, ETH fell below $1,300, and the total market value of cryptocurrencies fell below $1 trillion.


Amid the uncertainties in the crypto market, SEENER BLOCK TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD was officially incorporated in the UK. Seener is mainly engaged in cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology. Then, when the overall environment is so unsatisfactory, and the colleagues of establishing a new company vigorously carry out business, will the development of Seener be affected by the overall market environment?

In Seener founder Edin Dzaferspahic got the answer.

Seener’s trading in the cryptocurrency market mainly consists of quantitative trading, term arbitrage, and slippage arbitrage. Among them, term arbitrage and slippage arbitrage are mainly arbitrage behaviors. Not affected by the market environment. At the same time, quantitative trading is also a high-frequency trading behavior carried out through big data analysis, which is not affected by the market environment. The past prosperity of the cryptocurrency market, as well as its relaxed trading environment, is attracting a large number of professional financial institutions to enter the crypto market.Individual investors, it is difficult to compete with these institutions. That’s why it’s always hard for individual investors to be profitable, whether in a bear or bull market. More successful cryptocurrency investors follow the ecosystem to grow and profit. Once the token enters the primary market, it is difficult for individual investors to obtain profit opportunities from the market. Because they are fighting against professional institutions. Seener has a wealth of experience and unrivaled advantages in traditional financial markets, and we are sharing this advantage with all Seener supporters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Not only that, in Seener’s layout, Seener has a complete universe ecology, and will focus on the layout in the Web3.0 track. Eventually the Seener will develop into a vast metaverse fully governed by the DAO, a member of the universe. Seener hopes that more people can get more equal education and finance through Seener, and strengthen global cultural exchanges. We encourage creators to share and bring more objective rewards to creators, instead of letting traditional Internet giants rule it all. The internet is deviating from its original trajectory, and Seener is working hard to get it back on track to truly decentralize the internet.

The author believes that the encryption market is becoming more and more mature, and the prosperity of the encryption market is attracting more and more professional institutions to enter this market due to its relaxed environment, as Mr. Edin Dzaferspahic said. As retail investors, we need more expertise. The crypto market is full of opportunities, but we also need to keep our heads up. I hope every cryptocurrency investor can gain something in the crypto market.

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