Walter Shields Data Academy Is Giving Workers The Crucial Tools They Need To Stand Out

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Walter Shields Data Academy Is Giving Workers The Crucial Tools They Need To Stand Out

The SQL Zero to Hero Accelerator program by Walter Shields Data Academy is a must-take class for any business professional. This two-week online course is sure to improve anyone’s data skills.

Data is essential for any business. Whether it be sales data, market trends, or employee performance, data significantly impacts future decisions and actions. Translating that data for use is just as crucial as gathering it. 

In a recent Deloitte survey, it was found that less than a quarter of employees felt confident in their ability to translate and utilize data. With what could potentially be business-changing information wrapped up in data that companies’ store, employees need to be able to use it.  

That’s where Walter Shields Data Academy is stepping in. With the SQL Zero to Hero Accelerator program, anyone can learn how to translate and use data correctly. 

Walter Shields and his SQL Zero to Hero Accelerator class

The SQL Zero to Hero Accelerator class was created and is taught by Walter Shields. Walter is highly experienced in the data analytics field. His expertise is priceless to anyone trying to improve their skills. Walter’s SQL book, SQL Quickstart Guide is the #1 best-seller, and this course is based on that information. 

With years of experience in data analytics, Walter brings his expertise and mastery of data tools to the table for this career-changing class. 

The course is cohort-based, with multiple openings in the next few months. In two weeks, attendees can expect to go from a beginner-level understanding to mastering SQL and boosting their resume with their new skills. 

The course promises an understanding of database structures, knowledge of how to query any database in SQL, the knowledge of what data is essential, and finally, the ability to analyze data effectively. 

With how vital data analytics has become to all business industries, having these skills can set a candidate apart from their peers and add value to a current employee. This strengthens job security and proves that an employee is putting in the work to keep improving themselves. 

In an uncertain job market, having valuable skill sets will ensure job security and importance to a company. 


Taking the initiative to seek additional training on any topic is a huge positive in any career. It shows the ability to identify where a need is, either for the employee or the company, and the drive to go out and seek a way to meet that need. 

Data analytics is a constantly rising field with incredible importance to the business industry. Data can dictate future decisions, whether it be for where to focus sales efforts or how new software is helping employee productivity. 

Many employees don’t feel they have the tools needed to interpret data properly through SQL. With the SQL Zero to Hero Accelerator class by Walter Shields, even beginners can gain the knowledge and confidence they need to start interpreting data like a pro and applying it to business needs. 

A discount on the course is available here:

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