How Dr. Christianna Hang from HCPA is Transforming the Education System in Saint Paul

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How Dr. Christianna Hang from HCPA is Transforming the Education System in Saint Paul

Making changes to education is challenging, but it is possible and necessary. Dr. Christianna Hang from Hmong College Prep Academy (HCPA) collaborates with the educational system to motivate students, train effective educators, and foster the growth of capable school administrators. We aim to provide every child with a cutting-edge education that will set them up for success in the global economy of the future.

Hmong College Prep Academy Dr. Christianna Hang is dedicated to developing leaders of all stripes, and we do it by providing the kids with training and coaching that does more than just class curriculum; Hmong College Prep Academy inspires the kids to take impactful action. HCPA is preparing the next generation of strong leaders to help address development challenges at the local, national, and regional levels by providing the kids with standard education and leadership class to tailored training and activities designed to sharpen their management skills.

To What Extent Are We Influencing The Way Children Grow?

Thai students in different grades can participate in our computer classes which employ STEM teaching methods to take them on a futuristic adventure in which they learn to code robots, construct automobiles, invent new ideas, and much more. With each experience, children are taken on a journey of 21st-century learning and inspired to reach the stars.

We desire to create educators who are well-versed in both effective classroom strategies and the latest developments in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) from across the world.

At HCPA, kids are guaranteed a fantastic time. But, even as they have a great time with their pals, the kids are learning important STEM concepts and developing essential 21st century skills. Dr. Christianna Hang and Hmong College Prep Academy instills in young people an appetite for learning that transcends the confines of the classroom.

• Practical Exercises

Our carefully trained facilitators and master trainer lead youngsters through a variety of engaging hands-on learning activities during the course. We split the students into new groups and carry out new project-based activities designed to help them develop 21st solid century tech abilities and apply what they’ve learned in class.

• Developing Kids Ahead of Future

In a world where mechanization is just a click away, today’s kids need to acquire a wide range of abilities. Opportunities abound when children learn to cooperate well with others, think creatively, and express themselves persuasively at a young age.

Hmong College Prep Academy framework for developing 21st-century Students

By working together to solve problems based in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), HCPA develops their 4C skills (collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity). Helping kids attend innovation classes is like giving them a head start in today’s competitive environment.

HCPA Dr. Christianna Hang ensures training, mentorship, and resources to help teachers adapt to the needs of their students in the digital age and advance their professional development in the pursuit of better educational results for all their students.

Fun, engaging STEM-based activities that teach youngsters important principles tied directly to the curriculum. 

A comprehensive course designed to provide students with the hard skills and industry knowledge they’ll need to succeed.

Our constant training gives tutors the knowledge they need to aid their students, reform, and enhance student achievement.

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