Prairie SR Drivers Insurance Solutions Offers the Cheapest SR22 in Illinois to High-risk Drivers

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Prairie SR Drivers Insurance Solutions Offers the Cheapest SR22 in Illinois to High-risk Drivers

Prairie SR Drivers Insurance Solutions is a family-owned and operated business that is dedicated to delivering quality SR22 Insurance Coverage to residents of Illinois. The company prides itself on its ability to make the process of ensuring coverage to its clients stress-free and without hiccups.

As much as insurance agents seek the patronage of clients to buy their policies, not every agent offers SR22 car insurance because of the high risk involved. In Illinois, like most states in the U.S., the premium charged for such a policy is typically higher than regular car insurance. As such, potential clients often want to know which company offers the cheapest SR22 in Illinois. This is where Prairie SR Drivers Insurance Solutions stands out.

SR22 car insurance is referred to as a Certification of Financial Responsibility and is a requirement for individuals who are considered high-risk drivers. These individuals are those who have had their licenses revoked or have been charged for certain violations.

A driver needing an SR22 in Illinois could be guilty of one or more infractions, including driving without auto insurance, having an expired license plate, being convicted of driving under the influence, defaulting in payment of toll fares, or failing to retain a prior SR22 policy for a minimum of three years. In most cases, the Illinois Secretary of State will notify a driver if they are required to acquire this insurance. Therefore, the question of how much SR22 insurance costs in Illinois remains a common one.

Today, the average annual cost of SR22 insurance is significantly higher than the average for a driver without infractions—about 40% higher, more or less. Drivers in Illinois who need a Certification of Financial Responsibility must ensure that the insurance company of their choosing is capable of providing the minimum liability coverage required by the state. 

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The minimum liability coverage is the least amount an insurance company must provide as compensation in an accident. In Illinois, a high-risk driver must have insurance capable of delivering at least $40,000 for damage caused in one accident. $25,000 is the minimum compensation to be made available if a person is injured or dies in an accident. For any damaged property, a provision of at least $15,000 must be made available in compensation. 

SR22 insurance is usually more expensive than regular car insurance, but the price varies from one insurance company to another, depending on the violation a driver has been charged with. Companies like Prairie SR Drivers Insurance Solutions have made it less of a hassle by offering some of the cheapest rates for SR22 in Illinois. 

The company CEO declared, “We are dedicated to providing the best SR22 services for Illinois residents.”

High-risk drivers who are required to obtain SR22 car insurance have to put up with high fees and encumber paperwork. The documentation process can be complex to the uninitiated, for even the requisite forms differ depending on whether the driver is the owner of the vehicle or is leasing it. Agents are always ready to assist at Prairie SR Drivers Insurance Solutions. 

About the Company: 

Illinois-based Prairie SR Drivers Insurance Solutions is happy to assist its clients through obtaining SR22 insurance at an affordable cost with adequate coverage. Its team of experienced agents is available to proffer solutions from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 10 PM.

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