Inner Strength Fitness is Redefining Fitness over 50

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Inner Strength Fitness is Redefining Fitness over 50

Age 50+ Personal Training and Fitness for Strength, Balance, and Stamina

While most gyms feature and target a younger demographic, Inner Strength Fitness is focusing exclusively on the age 50+ community. Their focus is on Functional Fitness training that not only helps their clients look better and get more fit, but has direct application to the over 50 crowd’s daily life of work, hobbies, grandkids, and traveling.

“The fitness industry treats folks over 50 like their washed up and should resolve to just chair classes or water aerobics” says Jesse Jackson, Founder of Inner Strength Fitness. “We wanted to provide a boutique, personalized solution that gave our clients the expertise and personalization of a personal trainer without incurring the full costs of a regular personal trainer” he says.

The staff has more extensive education in serving the over 50 client and works with all ranges of clients from beginner to advanced. “Our entire fitness approach is designed to help our clients gain strength for everyday life without hurting their joints in the process like most widespread fitness programs would. Not a week goes by where we don’t get positive feedback from one of our clients telling us it’s easier to ski, play golf, play with grandkids, or that they don’t feel less aches or pains than before” he says.

Inner Strength Fitness started in 2014 and has helped over 1,000 Arlington, TX residents achieve better health and fitness during their almost 9 years of existence.

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