Understanding The Advantages of Oxygen generator for hospital

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Understanding The Advantages of Oxygen generator for hospital

Oxygen generator for hospital adopts the principle of variable pressure adsorption, using air as the raw material, without any additives, at room temperature, power on, through the molecular sieve adsorption of nitrogen and other gases, that is, more than 90% of the medical oxygen can be separated from the air qualified. Oxygen generator for hospital is a common kind of small and medium-sized medical oxygen production.

Oxygen generator for hospital has the advantages of fast qualified oxygen, high oxygen concentration, relatively low oxygen cost, low power consumption, easy to use, safe and reliable, etc. The use of medical molecular sieve oxygen generator to avoid contact with chemical reagents, smoothly placed in a clean indoor location, away from open fire, etc. The following to understand the advantages of molecular sieve oxygen machine.

The advantages of medical molecular sieve oxygen machine. 1. High oxygen concentrationOxygen generator for hospital uses zeolite molecular sieve, using variable pressure adsorption technology (PSA) to strictly separate the oxygen and nitrogen in the air, filtering out other substances and some harmful substances in the air, so as to obtain high-purity oxygen for use in various places in line with the medical oxygen standard. 2. The cost of oxygen production is relatively low.

The medical molecular sieve oxygen generator is made of air, without any additives and other raw materials, without residue and pollution emission, thus achieving the requirements of environmental protection. 3. Low power consumption, easy to use. Just plug in the power supply to produce oxygen, the operation is extremely simple, the oxygen concentration is very stable and the purity is high. The flow of oxygen can be properly adjusted, and it can be used at any time of production, without the limitation of time and place, and it can provide oxygen continuously for 24 hours. 4. Safe and reliableAll the gas paths of oxygen generator for hospital are controlled by low-pressure system program, no radiation and no pollution, quite stable performance and low noise, which is a good guarantee for both producers and environmental protection.

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