Now On Kickstarter, Innovative Design Furniture That Adapts To Any Trend

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Now On Kickstarter, Innovative Design Furniture That Adapts To Any Trend

An extravagant piece of furniture that keeps reinventing itself for a lifetime is now seeking community support via Kickstarter.

Bern-based product designer and innovator Jonathan Hartmann-Pisoni, founder of Eckstein Design Company (EDC), has launched an exciting crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to launch one of the world’s first sustainable furniture concepts, “Einstein.”

“Einstein” is a customizable, scalable all-in-one furniture solution. “Einstein” consists of a base frame and 45 high-quality and scratch-resistant aluminum tiles. Using a click system, the individual tiles can be assembled, interchanged and personalized into endless configurations. The individual modules can be easily reconfigured and expanded into two- or three-story complete works of art. EDC’s furniture objects and concepts are patent pending in both Europe and the United States.

All elements are manufactured in such a way that individual parts can be replaced and repaired.

Inspired by his work and experience in the hospitality industry, Jonathan Hartmann-Pisoni’s “Einstein” is not only a sustainable furniture concept, but also a counter design to the rampant uniformity in interior design. The Eckstein Design Company is launching an infinitely customizable design system for furniture of all kinds that can be used in hotels, offices or private living spaces. With its products, EDC aims to arouse emotions, inspire, promote creativity and take sustainability into account. All components of the customizable furniture line are manufactured in the region of Bern, Switzerland.

Today, the project is at an advanced stage. The pilot series has already been produced. Jonathan Hartmann-Pisoni is now looking for supporters worldwide to finance the production of the first regular series and to ensure the continuous development of the “Einstein” line. Watch the demonstration and proof-of-concept video on the Kickstarter campaign page.

To learn more and support the project, please visit:

Funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will be used to further develop additional “Einstein” models. As of now, you can support the project with a contribution starting at CHF 1. Other rewards, including signed copies of the Einstein design brochure, photo calendars and Einstein exhibition models, are also available but may be limited. Act fast and visit EDC’s Kickstarter campaign today, which can be found using the following search term:

“design furniture that adapts to any trend”

About the founder:    

Jonathan Hartmann-Pisoni is a product designer and innovator from Bern, Switzerland. He recently announced a Kickstarter campaign to bring one of the world’s first sustainable furniture concepts to market. Defined by a click system, the furniture concept offers the ability to customize its look or design within 15 minutes to suit one’s own taste, a company’s corporate design or a changing trend.

To achieve his goal, Jonathan put all his eggs in one basket, ditched his career in the hospitality industry, started his own company and now devotes himself entirely to his ideas.

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