SIU Media shares trends, tips and tools for marketing agencies and entrepreneurs to earn recurring revenue in 2023.

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SIU Media shares trends, tips and tools for marketing agencies and entrepreneurs to earn recurring revenue in 2023.

SIU Media highlights HighLevel (HL) and Uphex; software businesses can use to scale to 7 figures and beyond.

For marketing agencies and entrepreneurs, earning recurring revenue is the ultimate goal. It provides a steady income stream and allows businesses to focus on growth and long-term success. For this, businesses and entrepreneurs need tools and resources to streamline their efforts. SIU Media spotlights HighLevel and Uphex, powerful tools that can help marketing agencies and entrepreneurs achieve this goal by making it easier to build and maintain software products that generate recurring revenue.

HighLevel (HL)

HighLevel is a customer management tool that helps businesses and teams streamline workflows and increase productivity. With HighLevel, users are treated to a wide array of features that allow creating and assigning tasks to team members, setting deadlines and tracking progress in real-time. HighLevel offers a variety of automation, SMS invoicing and much more, and it also integrates with many tools and platforms, which makes collaboration easier. HighLevel invites users to take advantage of the link to the white-labelled onboarding video, including bonus material unavailable elsewhere.


Uphex is a transformative platform that enables businesses to elevate their social media marketing into SaaS products. This leads to recurring revenue and growth. The software integrates with HighLevel, allowing businesses in various niches to run templated successful ads in just 3 clicks. Uphex enables marketing agencies to amplify their profits, diversify revenue streams and heightens growth potential.

Combining HL and Uphex

On their own, these platforms are powerful software that offers excellent returns on investment; combined, these platforms have the power to generate, nurture and close leads on autopilot. HL and Uphex are designed to be scalable software with business growth at the heart of their operations.

Leveraging software for recurring revenue

SIU Media explains stark differences in using software over a traditional agency. The software offers valuable tools that help with recurring revenue growth. Thanks to automation, these platforms are infinitely scalable and available for a fraction of the cost of using a traditional agency.

Building and maintaining software products that generate recurring revenue paves the way for marketing agencies and entrepreneurs.

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