Mind-Glowing Provides A Range Of Unique And Stunning Lights With Unique Purposes

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Mind-Glowing Provides A Range Of Unique And Stunning Lights With Unique Purposes

Founded to protect furry friends from accidentally having their tails stepped on in the dark at night, Mind-glowing has expanded to a full line of unique lights with a variety of uses. From toilet lights to absolutely stunning moon lamps, Mind-glowing is keeping nights safe for every member of the household.

It’s happened to everyone at some point. A midnight trip to get a glass of water or use the bathroom in the dark ends with a sleepy accident of stepping on a beloved pet. This common and unfortunate occurrence is exactly what happened to the founder of Mind-glowing to begin his creative and playful lights company. 

The evolution of Mind-glowing from one product to a lights company

The flagship product of Mind-glowing was the toilet light. This light was created to protect the founder’s furry friend from future accidents, but it has far more uses than just that. With 16 different color options for the lights, this easy-to-install night light has the perfect amount of illumination to see around the bathroom at night without blinding oneself with something like a lamp or an overhead light. Children who are afraid of the dark don’t need to worry, and sleeping pets can rest assured their tails are safe from being stepped on. 

A year later, Mind-glowing created their next product, and this one is a stunner. The moon lamp is a beautiful replica of the moon in 3D. With realistic craters and surfaces, this lamp is available in three different sizes to suit any need. It can provide a light glow to work as a night light for a child’s bedroom or enough light to continue working without disturbing a sleeping partner. Sixteen colors and five working modes make it incredibly versatile to suit any need. 

In 2018, co-founder Julia created a fun new product to add to the growing line. The photo clip string lights take the fun of fairy lights and add the functionality of displaying photos along the string of lights. These lights run along a copper string more than 16 feet long with 50 detachable clips to display photos, postcards, greeting cards, and more. 

The galaxy moon lamp was the next addition to Mind-glowing. With the same gorgeous shape and format as the moon lamp, instead of the surface of the moon, it displays the swirling stars and planets that make up a galaxy. 

The latest product takes the space theme to an all-new level. The astronaut projector light displays numerous images of space, stars, galaxies, and nebulas on the ceiling or walls. Controllable with a remote, this unique light is the perfect addition to anyone’s bedroom as they sleep under the stars from the comfort of their own bed. 


With an incredible 200,000 customers within five years of the first product launch, Mind-glowing is a creative and functional light company that is putting out innovative new products at record speeds. No matter what one’s light needs are, there is the perfect lamp at Mind-glowing. 

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