Spiritually Heal And Become Better With Thomas Wermuth

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Spiritually Heal And Become Better With Thomas Wermuth

Spiritually Heal And Become Better With Thomas Wermuth

Coming from an estranged family, Thomas was always able to stand out. The home he grew up in was not the most conventional, and he had to fight through multiple things in order to survive. His childhood was spent in Kentucky, but this did not stop him finding his true passion for playing the violin. This was a journey in itself, and this passion led him to one of the most prestigious music schools, Julliard.

This book not only talks about his successes through his musical careers but also taps into the realities of what it is like to live in a family that does not accept their child. Thomas slowly realized throughout life that he did not feel familiar with other people. He had a different feeling when it came to intimacy and love. The book then reveals his true feelings about the topic, and this will come as a pleasant surprise. It explains what it means to carry childhood trauma while trying to live a normal life and how these traumas impact a person unconsciously and force them to act in certain ways.

Thomas had the opportunity to move to NYC to focus on his career in music, and he did just that. From his life in New York to living in Canada performing in orchestral, chamber, and solo events, Thomas started his professional musical career that took him to many corners of the world. As a widely sought-after teacher in Chicago as well as a trainer for other new teachers, he also attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and developed a very successful healing practice. This book has a journey of healing, love, discovery, and much more. Thomas will now be spending the next phase of his life with his family. Find out what factors led to this point, and he was finally able to let go and breathe freely.

My Imaginary Friend an Autobiography is self-published by Lawrence Wermuth

Publishing Date
: December 15, 2022

: 978-1915904096

: https://www.amazon.com/Imaginary-Friend-autobiography-Thomas-Wermuth/dp/1915904099/

: https://www.amazon.com/Imaginary-Friend-autobiography-Thomas-Wermuth-ebook/dp/B0BS5STS1Y/

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