This Life Coach Is Changing the Path to Self Discovery and Purpose with Empathetic Creativity

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This Life Coach Is Changing the Path to Self Discovery and Purpose with Empathetic Creativity

Monique Cara is revolutionizing the way her clients find confidence and courage, while harnessing the power of their creative potential. Monique is not just a TEDxTM speaker, and an award-winning podcaster, but is also a certified life and leadership coach, fine art painter, entrepreneur, active duty military member, and mother of two. She is dedicated to providing people with the tools they need to unlock their energy, joy, fulfillment, and purpose in life through the healing effects of creativity.

Recognized by Utah Business Magazine as one of 2020’s “20-in-their-20s” for her innovative approach in tying life and creativity together, Monique is helping tired and overwhelmed individuals discover new ways to express themselves through art. By developing her own unique approach, called Primary Purpose Method, and offering unparalleled coaching sessions and podcasts, Cara says that “Creativity is not a luxury, it’s a necessity”.

Monique helps her clients stay accountable as they unleash their unique expression. She likes to tell her clients that, ‘“creativity is the self care they didn’t know they needed”. She teaches people how to create something meaningful, even when life can feel overwhelming. Her mission is simple – provide everyone with essential skills needed to tap into their creativity, to express themselves, and find joy through art.

Her powerful message resonates deeply with those who are seeking self-expression and personal growth through creativity – because she knows firsthand what it’s like to navigate life’s challenges while striving towards one’s life goals. She wants to share her knowledge with others so they can also experience meaningful transformation in their lives, through engaging in creative activities that nurture wellbeing and deepen self-awareness.

Through her individualized approach tailored specifically for each person’s needs – Monique Cara helps individuals discover ways of connecting with themselves that goes beyond words alone; creating artwork that speaks volumes about our values and experiences while allowing us space for relaxation and renewal. 

To learn more about Monique’s work or to join her creativity coaching program, visit

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