Inclusale Is Equipping Women & BIPOC High-Potential Talent With The In-Demand Sales Skills They Need To Take The Sales World By Storm And Advance Their Careers

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Inclusale Is Equipping Women & BIPOC High-Potential Talent With The In-Demand Sales Skills They Need To Take The Sales World By Storm And Advance Their Careers

Inclusale provides sales training and career solutions to help women and BIPOC high-potential service professionals become a sales-star, sell with confidence, close at an increased rate, and build a movement of inclusion in the workplace.

Women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) are largely underrepresented in high-paying sales roles that tech start-ups and companies across many industries are desperate to fill. Inclusale helps to bridge this gap by equipping women, people of color, and other under-represented high-potential service professionals with in-demand sales skills to advance their careers.

Inclusale Winsome Sales Academy is a world-class sales training and career pathing solution that unleashes the untapped potential of talented service professionals and seeks to boost diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sales world and lessen the gender and racial wealth gap. Organizations committed to D.E.I who desire to retain personnel, save money, save time, and invest in talent development to drive more profits can benefit from their services. Inclusale also offers career placement partnerships for organizations who are interested in sourcing new diverse sales talent.

Inclusale’s sales training and career pathing solutions are also ideal for self-motivated high-achieving service professionals who are serious about transitioning into sales to increase their income by up to 80% or more while still doing what they love – helping customers.

When asked about the uniqueness and goal of the company, the founder, Marshelle Barwise, said, “We’re dedicated to equipping talented women and BIPOC service professionals with the in-demand skills they need to achieve a sustainable career path in the sales industry for great compensation, meaningful work, and support from their colleagues. We aim to train at least 10,000 individuals within the next decade, equating to approximately $250 million in increased augmented cumulative annual wages and spending power for women and BIPOC individuals.”

Inclusale training solutions help organizations move the needle on D.E.I goals, creates a healthy pipeline of underrepresented sales talent prepared to take on a successful sales career, and matches that pipeline of diverse talent with companies looking for a quick win.

Inclusale’s sales enablement and career pathing solutions include comprehensive sales training, mentoring, and coaching to help individuals and companies achieve their sales and career goals. The company’s team of experienced sales trainers and coaches have a proven track record of success in helping individuals and companies improve their sales performance and achieve their goals.

About Inclusale

Inclusale is a minority & woman-owned company that provides sales enablement & career pathing solutions that help organizations and individuals earn more revenue and create an inclusive culture to achieve their full potential. Our programs are designed to equip individuals and organizations with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to succeed in today’s diverse and rapidly changing sales sector.

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