VEL Is Helping Workers Optimize Productivity by Providing the Technology of Tomorrow In Their Premium Work Cafes

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VEL Is Helping Workers Optimize Productivity by Providing the Technology of Tomorrow In Their Premium Work Cafes

VELs space age coworking cafe offers innovative and cutting edge tech stacks to help professionals maximize efficiency and propel the speed at which they work.

VEL is implementing the latest unique products into their tech-forward work cafes to help remote workers, freelancers and people on the go achieve twice as much in half the time. The companies undertaking to evolve how professionals operate include implementing time saving and concentration inducing products to optimize productivity. While some of VELs ultra modern technology highlights the space age work cafe, other features might go unnoticed to the eye; Although, nonetheless are just as beneficial.

One of the most popular focal points for the premium work cafe is the coffee and food serving robot named “Iris”. The cylinder shaped machine is programmed to deliver customers their daily cup of joe and favorite menu items wherever they are seated. “Iris” has become a VEL staple by helping customers save time by not waiting for their beverages to be made.

Another time saving feature VEL houses is high speed and secure wifi. At 400/100 Mbps this internet speed allows for a fast and secure connection when working from one of VELs private pods. Also offered is high speed wifi at 100/25 Mbps that is available at the premium work cafes nest seats. While non-subscribers have access to wifi at the allotted seating locations, VEL subscribers have access to the private wifi from anywhere in the space. Joining the network is also made seamless and easy by simply scanning a QR code to connect.

A centerpiece for the premium work cafe is the skylight roof featured throughout the middle of the store. The glass art piece is bright blue, with airy white clouds seamlessly in motion and the limbs of a healthy blossomed tree. The life-like appearance of the mural radiates warmth, sunshine and summer; And, is not just for show. The placebo effect of the natural sunlight actually boosts mood, alertness and focus.

Beneath the skylight roof and along the back of the space is a subtle ethereal iridescent nanoleaf wall bordered with a lush greenery. At first glance the addition might just seem like a chic touch to the futuristic store. However, this striking feature is actually a sensory design to increase workspace productivity. The textural elements and vivid colors are used purposefully to generate a comfortable, inviting and energetic environment.

Similarly, VEL has tailored state of the art light sources across their store to mimic the effects of organic lighting and facilitate different workspace functions. The space includes warm, mid and cool color temperatures that accent different workstations within the store. Each level of lighting hosts different benefits and are all effective contributors to enhancing performance.

VEL is also helping customers connect to their space through scent. Smell is one of the strongest senses that triggers emotional and memory functions of the brain. With rigorous research the company chose to implement a scent called “Palo Santo” in the store. The rich fragrance is a matchless pair to the freshly brewed aroma the work cafe also encompasses.

Additionally, VEL invests in technology that purifies the stores indoor air and fosters the benefits of clean outdoor air. Fresh air-conditions prompt an involuntary reaction that lowers heart rate, reduces blood pressure and relaxes the nervous system. This response helps to de-stress the body and focus the mind. In essence, the work cafe’s crisp air might go unseen and unheard; But, is actively working behind the scenes to assist in enhancing performance.

All-in-all VEL offers a vastly improved, high-touch and future-forward experience. Their innovative work cafe ignites a sense of purpose and inspires a fervid desire to perform with creativity, passion and ingenuity. By putting technology at the forefront of their mission VEL is able to help customers maximize efficiency and optimize productivity. Thus, helping them work at the speed of life.

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About VEL

There are many ways to become a “VELLER”. While walk-in bookings are always welcomed, customers can also subscribe at the affordable rate of ten dollars a month and receive access to the store’s high speed and secure wifi. Subscribers are also granted access to the app and have the ability to reserve seating ahead of time, mobile order food and drinks, and find out the latest news from VEL.

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