SpiderDoor Enables Self-Storage Facilities Manage the Premises Better With Keypads and Apps for Remote Access Control and Security

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SpiderDoor Enables Self-Storage Facilities Manage the Premises Better With Keypads and Apps for Remote Access Control and Security

SpiderDoor provides wireless and cellular gate access for self-storage facilities. Facility owners need not be on-site or on-call to help tenants access their containers and lockers. A one-year warranty backs its keypads. The business has earned the trust of its clients through its products and services.

According to announcements released by Spider Door, its cellular and wireless gate access systems include keypads, alarms, and apps for managers and tenants. Its products free self-storage facility owners from having to be physically present at the site to cater to a tenant’s needs. The products integrate with all the established management software.

SpiderDoor’s apps are intuitive to operate and enable tenants to enjoy a smoother, self-reliant storage experience. The equipment available for installation and use is backed by world-class customer service to ensure that managers can run the facilities smoothly.

US-based support and an extensive video library are there to ease new users into getting started with the products and troubleshooting issues. The SpiderDoor alarm hardware lets customers protect expensive items stored on these premises.

Customers can renew contracts with SpiderDoor every month. They need not be tied down by a long-term agreement that costs more and blocks investment. SpiderDoor keypads are backed by a one-year warranty.

The SpiderDoor keypads attain functional use on the day of installation. Clients must, though, notify SpiderDoor 24 hours in advance about the installation to facilitate this.

Tenants can download aggregator or personalized apps from the App Store and avail of various benefits. Auto billing, contactless rentals, moving out, and payments are quickly made through the app.

Overlocks available through SpiderDoor help both managers and tenants. Managers can lock units that have not been paid for. Once the tenant has cleared the rent, the code for the Spider Lock can be checked on the tenant app, and the unit, no longer delinquent, is available for use by the client.

For more information, go to https://www.spiderdoor.com/

SpiderDoor said, “We know you want a fully or, at the minimum semi-automated smooth-running facility. The problem is that you have clunky gate access due to a reliance on Wi-Fi or a hardwired network that continually fails. SpiderDoor offers cellular data and internet-connected pads, giving your tenants secure, reliable access. Our owner/manager’s app is provided with all access control units. While you can use our system without management software, we highly recommend using one (and our system integrates easily with the top management programs in the storage industry). You can also use our system as a standalone access control system!

Once you’ve ordered your keypad, we will first ask you to watch a video explaining how to connect your management software to SpiderDoor’s backend. Next, we will provide a short video showing you how easy it is to install while you wait for it to arrive. You won’t have long to wait as we ship hardware within 5 – 7 business days of receiving your order. And, if you have any problems, call us. Our support team is available by phone Monday through Friday during business hours.

The S14C bypasses any keypad/access control system you may already have in place and allows you via your dashboard or managers app or your tenants via our tenant’s app to open the gate. All it takes is connecting two wires to the relay in your gate motor and one wire powered to a 110 outlet. SpiderDoor does the rest.”

About the Company:

SpiderDoor manufactures gate access hardware and software for self-storage facilities. Its keypads, apps, and alarms simplify access management of such facilities. The apps can be custom branded for a facility. Separate apps for managers and tenants allow smoother functioning of self-storage facilities.

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