Revolutionizing Customer Satisfaction: Glanceable’s AI-Powered Solution Takes the Lead

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Revolutionizing Customer Satisfaction: Glanceable’s AI-Powered Solution Takes the Lead

Glanceable introduces a cutting-edge AI system that unifies customer feedback from all platforms across all industries, revolutionizing customer satisfaction and empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize performance.

Glanceable has been providing top-notch customer-centric AI solutions to businesses across the globe to elevate customer satisfaction and transform their processes. Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced world is of utmost importance, around 80% of customers say they’re more likely to buy from brands that deliver a customized experience; with years of research, Glanceable provides a cutting-edge automated system that eliminates the effort and hassle associated with manually analyzing countless reviews and making decisions about products and businesses.

The Glanceable platform unifies customer feedback from all social media platforms, review sites and internal feedback channels; driving actionable insights and identifying key pain points for businesses of all sizes. Glanceable’s intuitive interface is designed to ensure it is user-friendly and straightforward. With a single click or a glance, complex and unstructured information can be converted to critical trends, benchmarks, and feedback distributions to help focus on what matters the most, highlighting areas of improvement and reducing marketing costs.

The platform also offers live feed and automatic replies to reviews, enabling businesses to centralize all feedback sources in real-time and reply to feedback directly from the platform while prioritizing comments based on feelings and emotions. The platform collects and cleans data from all public and internal sources according to the client’s needs. With an accuracy rate of over 99%, Glanceable’s semantic analysis is the best on the market.

Glanceable’s expertise in LLM (Large Language Models) and efficient feedback management has helped the company establish a strong reputation in the market. Glanceable’s impressive track record is evident in its extensive client base, which includes renowned companies across various industries. According to a survey, AI-based tools like Glanceable will increase corporate profitability by an average of 38%. Businesses that partner with Glanceable can benefit from data-driven innovation, improved decision-making, in-depth competitive analysis, simplified task management, and a better understanding of their customers. 

The platform also includes strategy management features, allowing businesses to manage their satisfaction campaign strategies with Glanceable, analyze the performance of their customer satisfaction strategies, identify successful and underperforming campaigns, and take real-time action on crucial emerging issues with Glanceable’s recommendations. Glanceable also helps businesses maximize the creation of new feedback by creating specific surveys related to essential matters, targeting suitable profiles with its AI, and managing all survey/feedback campaigns from the platform.

According to Arthur Cohen, CEO & Founder of Glanceable, “Glanceable’s AI experts are at the heart of the latest advances in AI technology, providing businesses with innovative solutions that can help them improve their understanding of their customer’s needs and meet their expectations. With Glanceable, businesses can transform their data into usable information, maximize the creation of new feedback, and generate configurable reports that offer powerful insights into their performance.”

About the Team:

Glanceable is led by CEO & Co-Founder Arthur Cohen, a tech expert bringing a unique combination of coding prowess, communication, and management skills to software development. Arthur has previously served as a software application engineer at Workday, where he also managed Workday’s summer internship program with over 200 interns. Co-Founder Charles Dognin serves as the CTO for the company; he is a seasoned AI Engineer and Entrepreneur with expertise in Natural Language Processing and Speech. Professor Martin Mihelich has been boarded as the Head of Research alongside Dan Cohen as the President; together, the team aims to help companies transform their businesses and strategies using multi-faceted AI systems.

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