Life’s Many Colors and Faces Renewed through Enriching Country Rhythms – AOK Records’ Kenyon Grey Releases New Single

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Life’s Many Colors and Faces Renewed through Enriching Country Rhythms – AOK Records’ Kenyon Grey Releases New Single

Life’s Many Colors and Faces Renewed through Enriching Country Rhythms - AOK Records’ Kenyon Grey Releases New Single
“Life Brand New” is much true to its name- a soulful and moving spectacle of life’s many gifts and messages

AOK Records’ gem- a firefighter, singer, and songwriter, Kenyon Grey continues his wonderful ascent in the world of music with a brilliant new single. Titled “Life Brand New,” Grey’s new drop is a noteworthy performance which spins together uplifting notes with soul-stirring, memorable, and characteristic songwriting which beautifully welcomes listeners into the artist’s own mind.

Crooning about living a “Life Brand New,” Kenyon’s newest release is packed with wholesome messages, as he attempts to pierce through each listener’s rough and rigid exteriors and create relatable, honest, and moving music. A track which marks an effort to go through the vivid and visceral life experiences which Kenyon Grey has faced- “Life Brand New” brims with hope, newfound acceptance, and a mellow sense of promise.

Disenchanted with relationships, Kenyon Grey met his own soulmate backstage after a performance. “She was beautiful, in a leopard dress and cowboy boots, my kryptonite!” Kenyon recalls. “She had a sweet, sassy demeaner. A career woman, who had her own life and a strong Christian faith.”

Kenyon found his now wife to be refreshing, and not like anyone he had ever known before. Soon, they began to wonder what life together might look like. Drawn ceaselessly to each other, Kenyon was informed early on by his wife that she was “the marrying kind,” and recalls how he registered very early that a woman like her doesn’t come along very often.

Slated to drop on May 26th, 2023, “Life Brand New” marks Kenyon’s second single- a track that paints the picture of this very experience. An enlivening and uplifting new country track, the single narrates Kenyon’s experience with meeting his wife and finding something which he never had before.

The upcoming track will mark the second release from his accompanying LP, recorded at AOK Records in Nashville. Kenyon’s already shimmering career boasts a number of enviable accomplishments. To name a few, the artist’s track “When Angels Cry” is currently playing on 4,100 radio stations and playlists, and the artist has also been a finalist for his track- “Ordinary World” in the 23rd Annual Great American Song Contest.

Moreover, at the 20th Annual Christian Songwriting Competition, Kenyon made it to the 2nd Round Finalist with his single, “Ordinary World.”“Ordinary World” also debuted at #13 on the play.mpe charts and debuted at #2 on the CRC Radio Charts and stayed in Top 10 for five weeks. At the same contest, he made it to the 3rd Round Finals with his tracks- “Palm Sunday” and “I’ll Be the One.”

Stream Kenyon Grey’s stunning new tracks on Spotify, YouTube, and other official music streaming platforms! Reach out to Chris Keaton at [email protected] or Kenyon at [email protected] for guest lists, interview, or promo copies of “Life Brand New.”


Kenyon Grey is a national recording artist with influences in Country, Americana, CCM/AC, and Rock’n’roll. He grew up in his dad’s church playing bass guitar and singing on the worship team. As a local firefighter, he continued to write and perform music, signing with two record labels and one music production agency on Music Row in Nashville. Grey has worked with several record producers in LA and Nashville, including a Grammy Award winner with Curb Records. His soulful songs have placed in songwriting competitions and appeared on several playlists and charts, playing on radio globally.









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